Resistance of dry type transformer

26 Jan 2024
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GNEE Steel cast coil dry type transformer
Common dry-type transformers have many factors, and generally have their own working requirements, voltage and resistance. When measuring the resistance of dry-type transformers, try to pay attention to the correct measurement method and method. In this case, dry-type transformers The transformer can be detected more accurately. When measuring common dry-type transformers, what is the best way to measure resistors?
dry type current transformer
It should be carried out at an average drying temperature. Before measurement, take necessary safety precautions and disassemble the connection function between the dry-type transformer and the grounding device. Insert two grounding pins with a length of not less than 500mm each into the ground, so that they are not less than 400mm deep. Try to keep the grounding device and the two grounding pins on the same parallel line, and the distance between them is 20 meters. Then use a special cable to connect the three terminals E, P, and C on the insulation resistance meter to the grounding device and the two grounding pins of the dry-type transformer. It is required that the P point is between the other grounding pin and the dry-type transformer. Measure in the middle of the grounding device, place the insulation resistance meter horizontally, and adjust the zeroing knob of the grounding shaker so that the meter rod is at the zero position. According to the specifications of the grounding resistor required for the dry-type transformer and the actual conditions of the construction site, set the multiplier switch to the appropriate position, start by slowly shaking the insulation resistance meter, and then turn the nominal diameter of the resistor Scale, make the gauge stem at the zero position, then accelerate and shake with a reduction ratio of 120 rpm, and adjust the potentiometer knob so that the gauge stem is stable at the zero position. At this time, multiply the reading on the nominal diameter gauge. The multiple is the grounding system resistor value of the dry-type transformer grounding device.
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