Cold Rolled Steel Definition

01 Feb 2024
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GNEE Steel 1018 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold rolled steel is made of hot rolled coils at room temperature and then rolled below the crystallization temperature. Many steel mills in China can produce them. Among them, the ones delivered in pieces are called steel plates, also called box plates or flat plates; the ones that are long in length and delivered in coils are called steel strips, also called coiled plates.

The Definition of Cold Rolled Steel:

Cold rolled steel is rolled under crystallization, but it is generally understood as the rolling under normal temperature. Aluminum cold rolling is divided into plate rolling and foil rolling. Those with the thickness greater than 0.15 are called plates, and those with the thickness less than 0.15 are called foils. In Europe and America factories, they often use 3 to 6 continuous rolling mills as cold rolling equipments.


Cold rolled steel production is the finishing process of steel rolling. The raw materials of cold rolled steels are hot rolled steels. To obtain high-quality cold rolled steels, it is necessary to have good hot-rolled steel raw materials.The chemical composition, the purity and the control of hot rolling process of steel have a great influence on the structure and performance of the final cold rolled steel product; the size, the shape and the surface condition of the hot rolled steel will directly affect the cold rolled steels' dimensional accuracy, shape and surface quality.


Controlling the chemical composition of steel during steelmaking is the basis for ensuring the production of high-quality cold rolled steels. The chemical composition of the steel is closely related to the formability of the steel. The effect of the carbon content of the steel on the formability of the steel is achieved by affecting the yield limit and plastic strain ratio of the steel. Carbon is one of the most significant elements to increase the strength of the steel. As the carbon content increases, the yield limit increases, the plastic strain ratio decreases, and the forming performance deteriorates.

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet In Coil
Cold Rolled Metal Sheet

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