Which transformer is used in distribution?

06 Feb 2024
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1. What is a Distribution transformer?

distribution transformer is also referred to as a typical isolation transformer. The main function of this transformer is to convert the high voltage into normal voltage like 240/120 V for use in power distribution. In the distribution system, there are different types of transformers, such as single-phase, 3-phase, underground, pad-mounted, pole-mounted transformers. 

Distribution Transformer

2. Structure of Distribution transformers

A distribution transformer has the same structure as an ordinary transformer. The main parts of this transformer are mainly composed by Oil Tank, Conservator, Buchholz Relay, Breather Unit, Oil Indicator, Temperature Detector, Pressure Relief Device, Thermal Relay, Radiator, and Bushing.
- The oil tank is used to soak the coils by placing it in.
- A conservator is located above the oil tank on the outside of the transformer frame. It is connected to the main tank with the help of a metal tube. The oil in the tank can be easily contacted and enlarge throughout loading so that the temperature of the oil can rise and fall.
- The Buchholz relay is used when using a conservator tank. Because it indicates errors such as oil loss when it gets low, improper flow of oil is incorrect between the tank and transformer.
- The breather unit includes desiccant silica gel in the oil. If it changes its colour from blue to pink, it will not be hygroscopic in oil.
- The oil indicator shows the oil level within the conservatory unit.
- The temperature detector monitors the temperature of the oil. If the oil temperature rises to a certain level, the transformer will be disconnected from service.
- The pressure relief device reduces the pressure inside the transformer to prevent an explosion from the transformer.
- The thermal relay is used as an indicator of the temperature of the winding.
- Radiators are used to increase the cooling efficiency of the transformer.
- Bushings are used to connect the inner windings of a transformer with the help of an external electrical network.

pole distribution transformer
3 phase distribution transformer
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