Precautions When Packing And Unpacking Ppgi Coil

28 Feb 2024
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When ppgi coil is packaged, operators must wear labor protection equipment correctly. ppgi coil operators must wear wrist straps and protective gloves during operation. When walking in the ppgi coil operation area, you should actively avoid the hanging objects of the crane, and it is strictly forbidden to stand under the hanging objects of the crane. When cutting anti-rust paper, it should be cut to size and not wasted. Waste anti-rust paper and scraps are poured into industrial waste bins as required. When wrapping ppgi coil, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand under the strap to tighten it, and your body should keep a sufficient safety distance from the strap.


When cutting the ppgi coil  strapping, personnel should stand on the side of the direction of the strapping, and make sure that there are no other operators in the direction of the ppgi coil strapping, in order to prevent the strapping from hurting people. Put the garbage tape into the waste bin, and the operator confirms the working environment and carefully observes the vehicle dynamics, vehicle position and walking route in the operation area to avoid injury.

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When more than two people cooperate with the ppgi coil packaging operation, pay attention to the cooperation between the personnel and the connection between the upper and lower processes, and operate in the order of the operation steps to avoid injury caused by improper cooperation between the two people. Finger-lifting operators belong to a special type of work. They can only perform finger-lifting operations after passing the training and obtaining a finger-lifting certificate. Before the ppgi coil finger lifting operation, wear the finger lifting armband and copper flute to check whether the finger lifting rigging is in good condition. Gloves are prohibited when driving with gestures.


When two people cooperate to open the box, pay attention to the cooperation of the personnel to prevent harm caused by improper cooperation between the two people. Appropriate tools must be used when opening and/or removing the ppgi coil. In particular, scissors specially designed for this type of operation should be used. The scissors should ensure that the cutting edge is flat to facilitate the positioning of the scissors between the binding tape and the steel coil. When using cutting tools such as art knives to remove packaging accessories such as anti-rust paper (film), plastic bags, etc., avoid cutting the body and surface of the ppgi coil.


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