What is the difference between indoor and outdoor use of dry-type transformers?

12 Mar 2024
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1. The difference between temperature rise and heat dissipation, especially for transformers with natural heat dissipation.


2. Insulation requirements: Considering the poor outdoor insulation environment (pollution level), the requirements for the external insulation performance of transformers will be higher.


3. Protection level: Considering the differences in outdoor safety performance, the protection level of transformers will be slightly higher.


4. Environment: Rain, dust, and dirt prevention should be considered. It is not suitable for indoor use, but heat dissipation should be considered.


5. Wiring method: The wiring method for outdoor transformers can be cable wiring or copper busbar wiring. Indoor transformers rarely use cable wiring.


6. Most outdoor transformers are oil immersed, and dry type transformers without bushings can only be used indoors.

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