S11 Oil immersed Power Transformer

09 Apr 2024
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S11 oil immersed power transformer in China is a new type of high-performance transformer with more reasonable structure and better performance. Its three-dimensional winding iron core has no air gap in its magnetic circuit because its three core columns are three-dimensional arrangement of equilateral triangles, and its winding is closer. The length of the three magnetic circuits is the same, and all of them are the shortest. The cross-sectional area of the core columns is closer to the circle. Therefore, the performance is further improved, the loss is reduced, the noise is reduced, the three balances are reduced, and the third harmonic component is reduced. Therefore, the product is more suitable for urban and rural, industrial and mining enterprise power grid transformation, and is more suitable for combined transformers and prefabricated substation transformers.


China S11 oil immersed power transformer canceled the oil conservator, and the wave fin of the corrugated fuel tank replaced the oil pipe as a cooling heat dissipating component. Corrugated fuel tanks are manufactured on high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets on dedicated production lines. The wave fins can be expanded and contracted as the transformer oil volume increases and contracts, thereby isolating the transformer from the atmosphere, preventing and slowing oil deterioration and insulation moisture, and enhancing operational reliability. It runs normally and is maintenance free.


The surface of the corrugated oil tank is painted with anti-oil, rust and phosphating treatments, and is suitable for use in metallurgical, petrochemical and other production environments. The body is fastened with a loose structure to ensure long-distance transportation and no looseness during operation. It uses high-quality rubber, sealing materials to prevent aging and prevent leakage. The fully sealed distribution transformer has a pressure relief valve and a thermometer.


The performance of China S11 oil immersed power transformer conforms to the national gb1094-1996 "Power Transformer" gb/t6451-1999 "Three-phase oil-invasive power transformer technical parameters and requirements" standard. The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with stepped three-level joints, and the surface is coated with curing paint to reduce the loss and noise; the coil is made of high-quality oxygen-free copper wire; the heat dissipation adopts the new oil passage structure, the design is reasonable, and the insulation is optimized. The process improves the mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance; the appearance is beautiful and the operation is reliable. It is widely used in substations (station) and urban and rural power grids.

oil immersed power transformer
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