CRGO steel sheet characteristics

25 Apr 2024
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CRGO (Cold Rolled Silicon Steel) steel sheet is a special type of cold rolled steel with special magnetic properties, mainly used for manufacturing the iron core of power transformers. The following are some main characteristics of CRGO Steel Sheet:

Low loss characteristics: CRGO steel sheet exhibits excellent low loss characteristics due to its fine grain structure. In current transmission and magnetic field control, low hysteresis loss and eddy current loss make it an ideal choice for energy transmission. This is crucial for the stable operation of the power system, as it can reduce energy waste and improve efficiency.

High magnetic permeability: Due to its unique oriented grain arrangement, CRGO steel sheet has excellent magnetic permeability, making it widely used in transformer and motor manufacturing. High magnetic permeability helps to improve the efficiency of magnetic field conduction, thereby making electrical equipment more efficient.

Magnetization characteristics: CRGO steel sheets has excellent magnetization characteristics, which means that in equipment such as transformers, it can be re magnetized faster, thereby improving the efficiency and stability of energy transmission.

High temperature stability: CRGO steel sheets can also maintain good magnetic properties at high temperatures, which is crucial for avoiding excessive magnetic loss during transformer operation.

Grain orientation: CRGO steel sheets undergo special production processes to optimize grain orientation, thereby further reducing hysteresis and eddy current losses and improving magnetic properties.

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