Properties of CRGO Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel

09 May 2024
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High magnetism:CRGO cold rolled grain oriented steel has great magnetic properties in the direction of rolling. This increased magnetism is because, in grain-oriented silicon steel, the overall magnetic properties of the material are dependent on those of the individual grains.

This magnetism confines and guides the magnetic field in the transformers. Therefore less magnetizing current is used to magnetize this steel.

High resistivity:Another important property of CRGO cold rolled grain oriented steel is its high resistivity levels. When silicon is added to the steel, it increases its resistivity which is otherwise quite low.

This high resistivity then reduces the core losses by minimizing the eddy current components there. Thus, the overall transformer working gets optimized.

High mechanical elasticity:Additionally, CRGO cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel offers exceptionally high mechanical elasticity. So when it is used in the core of transformers or in any other motor or component, they add to their life. Mechanical elasticity helps when the object comes under strain, thereby allowing it to retain its shape.

Reduced magnetostriction:Magnetostriction is an important property as it helps in the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical, which is what transformers do. But high magnetostriction leads to high vibration levels. So, raising the silicon content in the steel helps lower magnetostriction, although it can’t be eliminated completely.

High lamination factors:Another important property of CRGO cold rolled grain oriented steel is that it offers high lamination factors. CRGO laminations help with minimizing eddy currents and hysteresis losses in transformers.

When a transformer’s core is laminated with CRGO cold rolled grain oriented steel material parallel to the magnetic field, it controls the induced electromagnetic flux and eventually the eddy currents.

Low power losses:As the CRGO cold rolled grain oriented steel offers high permeability, therefore it preserves power. And we know that an efficient transformer’s core should ideally allow low power losses. Therefore, cold-rolled grain-oriented steel is used to make the transformers’core.

Reduced curie temperature:As we know that pure iron has a high curie temperature. So, if transformed into an alloy by adding silicon contents in it, the curie temperature of steel can be reduced.

So, in the case of transformers and motors, it is important to keep the temperature below curie temperature. This can help activate spontaneous magnetism which is an essential element of transformers.

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