What is silicon steel

26 Sep 2023
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What is silicon steel
Silicon steel sheet is an alloy. The iron-silicon alloy formed by adding a small amount of silicon (generally less than 4.5%) to pure iron is called silicon steel. 

This type of iron core has the highest saturation magneticinduction intensity value of 20,000Gs; because they have good magnetoelectric properties, 
are easy to mass produce, are cheap, and have little impact on mechanical stress, they are widely used in the power electronics industry. 
Such as power transformers, distributiontransformers, current transformers and other iron cores.
It is the material with the largest output and usage among soft magnetic materials. It is also the largest amount of magnetic materials used in power transformers. It is most 
suitable especially at low frequency and high power. Commonly used ones include cold-rolled silicon steel sheets DG3, cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel strips DW, 
and cold-rolled oriented electrical steel strips DQ. They are suitable for medium and small power low-frequency transformers, chokes, and reactors in various electronic 
systems and household appliances. , Inductor core, this kind of alloy has good toughness and can be punched, cut and processed. The core is available in laminated and 
wound types. However, the loss increases sharply at high frequencies, and the general use frequency does not exceed 400Hz.
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