Oriented Silicon Steel Introduction

25 Nov 2022
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Oriented silicon steel(Oriented Electrical Steel) is mainly used to make transformer cores and stator cores of large generators, and is one of the most important functional materials for the development of the power industry. The microstructure of oriented silicon steel is mainly characterized by grains that are highly inclined to the (110)[001] orientation, that is, the Gaussian direction. Therefore, oriented silicon steel is known as the "artwork" in steel materials.

Oriented silicon steel is divided into conventional grain-oriented silicon steel (CGO) and high magnetic induction grain-oriented silicon steel (Hi-B) according to the degree of (110)[001] orientation and magnetic properties. Compared with CGO steel, Hi-B steel has the advantages of low iron loss, high magnetic induction intensity and small magnetostriction. Transformer products made of it have the advantages of low no-load loss, low noise and small size. In recent years, the production and usage of Hi-B oriented silicon steel have increased year by year.

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