Oriented silicon steel
oriented silicon steel
oriented electrical steel
grain oriented silicon steel
cold rolled silicon steel
oriented silicon steel
oriented electrical steel
grain oriented silicon steel
cold rolled silicon steel
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35W360 Silicon Steel Coil

Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, laminated steel or transformer steel, is a ferritic alloy of iron and silicon that is magnetic and used in motors and transformers.
Oriented Silicon Steel
Product Details
application Details
electrical steel coil
Silicon steel is a ferrosilicon alloy with a silicon content of about 3%, and the rest is mainly iron. It is an important soft magnetic alloy that is indispensable in electric power, electronics, military and other industries. It is also the metal functional material with the largest output. It is mainly used as the iron core of various motors, generators and transformers. Its production process is complex and rigorous, and foreign production technology is protected in the form of patents and is regarded as the life of the enterprise.
  • Thickness: 0.18mm, 0.20mm or as required Width: 1200/1250 or as required Length: as required
  • Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, JIS, GB, JIS and other surfaces
  • Processing: 2B BA 8K or as per customer requirements
  • Brand: 20ZDKH75, B20P075, B20P070, B18R070
  • B23G110, B23G100, B23P100, B23R095, B23R090, 23ZH90, 23QG090, B23R080 27Q120, 27QG100,
  • 27QG095, B27P120, B27P100, B27P095
  • 30Q130, 30Q120, 30QG105; B30G130, B30G120, B30P120, B30P105
  • 35Q155, B35G155, 35Z155
  • Application: various transformers, reactors, filters, inverters
  • Silicon alloy steel with a silicon content of 1.0~4.5% and a carbon content of less than 0.08% is called silicon steel. It has the characteristics of high magnetic permeability, low coercivity and high resistivity, so hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are small. Mainly used as magnetic materials in motors, transformers, electrical appliances and electrical instruments. In order to meet the needs of punching and shearing processing in electrical appliance manufacturing, a certain degree of plasticity is also required. In order to increase the magnetic susceptibility and reduce hysteresis loss, the content of harmful impurities is required to be as low as possible, the plate shape is smooth, and the surface quality is good.
The main requirements for the performance of silicon steel are:
1. Low iron loss is the most important indicator of the quality of silicon steel sheets. Countries are divided according to iron damage value. The lower the iron damage, the higher the brand.
2. The magnetic induction intensity (magnetic induction) is high under a strong magnetic field, which reduces the size and weight of the motor and transformer cores, saving silicon steel sheets, copper wires and insulating materials.
3. The surface is smooth, smooth and uniform in thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the iron core.
4. Good punching performance, which is more important for the manufacture of micro and small motors.
5. The surface insulation film has good adhesion and weldability, which can prevent corrosion and improve punching performance.
GNEE silicon steel coil
Manufacturing Technology
1. Pickling
The oxides of hot-rolled steel strips are removed by descalers and hydrochloric acid tanks to prevent surface defects of cold-rolled products.
2.Cold stamping
In order to ensure the thickness and materials for different uses, the reduction ratio is set at 40%-90%, and advanced control equipment such as automatic thickness control and automatic shape control are implemented.
3. Annealing
It is used to soften hardened steel strips in cold stamping processes. Deeply processed steel and high-strength steel are produced through metal heating and rapid cooling, and pressure holding (cover annealing) and continuous annealing methods are used.
4.Insulating coating
When the silicon steel plate is processed into an iron core, in order to improve its processing performance and prevent eddy current losses equivalent to the thickness of the steel plate, continuous coating equipment is used to spray the insulating coating liquid on the bottom of the steel plate.
oriented silicon steel coil
electrical steeloriented silicon steel
technical parameter
Oriented electrical steel data

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel


0.2- 0.8 mm

900-1250 mm

Export standard package (as per requirements)

5 tons

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Tianjin/Qingdao Port, China

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