Oriented silicon steel
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil
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23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil

Cold rolled electrical silicon steel sheet, divided into oriented silicon steel sheet and non-oriented silicon steel sheet and dw material.
0.23 - 0.5 mm
700~1500 mm
Product Details
application Details
Cold rolled silicon steel coil production process: Ore --- Iron making --- Steel making --- Hot rolling --- Pickling --- Cold rolling --- Annealing --- Cold rolled coil.
The common thickness of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheets for electric motors is 0.35 and 0.50 mm, which are supplied in rolls, and their silicon content is generally low; the common thickness of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets for transformers is 0.20, 0.30, 0.35 and 0.50 mm, and their silicon content is generally high.
technical parameter
Technical Data
Brand GNEE
Place of Origin China
Model Number 23RK90
Type Oriented Silicon Steel Coil
Dimensions 0.23*900-1020*C 
Standard AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS 
Technique Cold Rolled

Product Description:
23RK90 Silicon Steel Coil have the characteristics of low iron loss, high magnetic induction and high strength, which meet the design and manufacturing requirements of various motors.   

● Ordinary series: with low iron loss and high strength;  

● High efficiency series: with low iron loss and high magnetic induction;  

● High efficiency and high strength series: excellent comprehensive performance of magnetic induction, iron loss and strength;  

● High magnetic induction series: higher magnetic induction to meet the requirements of high torque and miniaturization of motors;  

● High-strength series: high strength, applied to high-speed or ultra-high-speed rotors.  Baosteel provides technical support from design and material selection to mass production for new energy vehicle drive motor users 

● Motor design and material selection support to achieve excellent performance and cost control;  

● iron core materials and structure optimization to achieve performance improvement or technical cost reduction;  

● Iron core processing and manufacturing support to achieve material and equipment matching;  

● Application of new products and technologies to enhance the competitiveness of new energy vehicles.

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Technique:Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled
Payment :T/T LC at sight
Product Origin :China
Thickness0.23 - 0.5 mm
Width700~1500 mm