Oriented silicon steel
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil
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B27P95 Silicon Steel Coil

Silicon steel is mainly used as a magnetic material in motors, transformers, electrical appliances and electrical instruments.
0.23 - 0.3 mm
Cold Rolled
Product Details
application Details
In order to meet the needs of punching and shearing processing when manufacturing appliances, silicon steel is also required to have a certain degree of plasticity.
In order to improve the magnetic susceptibility of silicon steel and reduce the hysteresis loss, the lower the content of harmful impurities, the better, and require a flat plate shape and good surface quality.
technical parameter
Product Name Oriented Silicon Steel/Non-oriented silicon steel
Standard AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
Grade Grain oriented steel
Non-oriented steel
Thickness 0.27mm - 0.65mm or as required
Width 20-1500mm
Surface Treatment Coated
Coil ID 508/610 mm
Coil weight 3-5tons
Color Gray

The requirements for the performance of silicon steel are mainly:
1, low iron loss, which is the most important indicator of the quality of silicon steel sheet. Countries are divided into grades according to the value of iron loss, the lower the iron loss, the higher the grade.
2, stronger magnetic field magnetic induction strength (magnetic induction) is high, which makes the core of the motor and transformer volume and weight reduction, saving silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulation materials.
3, smooth surface, flat and uniform thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the core.

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