Oriented silicon steel
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil
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B23R80 Oriented Electrical Silicon Steel Coil

Cold rolled oriented silicon steel, also known as cold rolled transformer steel, is an important silicon and iron alloy used in the transformer (iron core) manufacturing industry.
Product Details
application Details
Silicon steel is mainly used as a magnetic material in motors, transformers, electrical appliances and electrical instruments. In order to meet the needs of punching and shearing processing when manufacturing electrical appliances, a certain degree of plasticity is also required.
In order to improve magnetic inductance performance and reduce hysteresis loss, the lower the content of harmful impurities in silicon steel, the better, and require a flat plate shape and good surface quality.
technical parameter
Technical Data
series Nominal thickness (mm) Baosteel WISCO Nippon Steel NSC JFE Congent thyssenkrupp TKS Pohang Posco novolipetsk NI & SCo Amco AK
conventional type 0.23 B23G110 23Q105              
  23Q110 23Z110     C110-23   NV23S-110  
B23G120       M120-23S5 C120-23   NV23S-120 M-3
        M127-23S5 C127-23   NV23S-127  
0.27             27PG110 NV27S-110  
B27G120 27Q120 27Z120 27JG120   C120-27 27PG120 NV27S-120 M-4
B27G130 27Q130 27Z130 27JG130 M130-27S5 C130-27 27PG130 NV27S-130 M-4
  27Q140     M140-27S5 C140-27   NV27S-14  
0.3             30PG110    
  B30G120 30Q220 30Z120 30JG120     30PG120 NV30S-120  
  B30G130 30Q180 30Z130 30JG130   C130-30 30PG130 NV30S-130  
  B30G140 30Q160 30Z140 30JG140 M140-30S5 C140-30 30PG140 NV30S-140 M-5
    30Q150     M150-30S5 C150-30     M-5
0.35 B35G135 35Q135 35Z135 35JG135       NV35S-130  
B35G145 35Q145 35Z145 35JG145 M150-35S5 C150-35 35PG145 NV35S-145 M-6
B35G155 35Q155 35Z155 35JG155 M165-35S5 C165-35 35PG155   M-6
High magnetic sense type 0.23 B23P090 23QG090 23ZH090 23JGS090 23JGH090 M90-23P5 H090-23 23PH090    
B23P095 23QG095 23ZH095 23JGS095 23JGH095   H095-23 23PH095    
B23P100 23QG100 23ZH100 23JGH100 M100-23P5 H100-23 23PH100   H-0
0.27           H090-27      
B27P095 27QG095 27ZH095     H095-27 27PH095    
B27P100 27QG100 27ZH100 27JGH100 M103-27P5 H103-27 27PH110 NV27P-100  
B27P110 27QG110 27ZH110 27JGH110         H-1
0.3 B30P100 30QG100 30ZH100 30JGH100     30PH100    
B30P105 30QG105 30ZH105 30JGH105 M105-30P5 H105-30 30PH105 NV30P-105  
B30P110 30QG110 30ZH110 30JGH110 M111-30P5 H111-30      
B30P120 30QG120 30ZH120 30JGH120 M117-30P5        
0.35 B35P115   35ZH115 35JGS115 35JGH115     35PH115    
B35P125   35ZH125 35JGS125 35JGH125     35PH125    
B35P135   35ZH135 35JGH135     35PH135    
Magnetic domain refinement high magnetic type 0.23 B23R080   23ZDKH80 23ZDMH80 23JGSD80     23PHD080    
B23R085   23ZDKH85 23ZDMH85 23JGSD85   H085-23 23PHD085    
B23R090   23ZDKH90 23ZDMH90 23JGSD90   H090-23     H-0DR
0.27 B27R090   27ZDKH90 27ZDMH90 27JGSD90   H090-27 27PHD090    
  B27R095   27ZDKH95 27ZDMH95 27JGSD95     27PHD095   H-1D

Q: Would you provide samples For free?
A: Yes . with on stock specification We provide samples For Free . Freight charge collect

Q:What information should i provide to source for the right products ?
A: Material grade, width, thickness, coating and Purchase quantity , Expected lead time ,etc
Q: What are the shipping ports?
A: Under normal circumstances, we ship from Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao ports, you can choose other ports according to your needs.
Q: About product prices?
A: Prices vary from period to period due to cyclical changes in the price of raw materials.
Q: Can I visit your location?
A: Of course, we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. However, some of the plants are not open to the public.

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Thickness0.2 - 0.5 mm
Thickness0.23 - 0.5 mm
Width700~1500 mm
Payment :T/T LC at sight
Product Origin :China