Oriented silicon steel
Oriented Silicon Steel
Wholesale Oriented Silicon Steel
Silicon Steel
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Oriented Silicon Steel
Wholesale Oriented Silicon Steel
Silicon Steel
Electrical steel
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Wholesale Oriented Silicon Steel

With high permeability, low hysteresis, high saturation magnetic induction strength, excellent magnetization characteristics, thermal stability and corrosion resistance, oriented silicon steel is suitable for high performance motors, transformers and power generation equipment.
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Wholesale Oriented Silicon Steel
Oriented Silicon Steel, as a special kind of electrical steel, is an important component in the production of energy-saving power equipment.It consists of materials such as silicon steel rods, silicon steel sheets, silicon steel coils and silicon steel strips. Among them, silicon steel sheets are commonly used to build iron cores, which are key components in power transformers, motors, generators and other electric power equipment.
The production process of oriented silicon steel:

1.Raw material preparation: High quality silicon steel sheets are selected as raw material. The silicon steel sheet is usually obtained from cold rolled silicon steel coils by cutting or shearing, etc.

2.Surface treatment: The surface treatment of the silicon steel sheet usually includes pickling, surface degreasing and deaerating processes to remove surface oxides and impurities and to ensure the purity and weldability of the material.

3.Annealing treatment: The silicon steel sheet is annealed, usually under a hydrogen-protected atmosphere, to improve grain structure and magnetic permeability. The annealing process results in better magnetic properties of the silicon steel sheet.

4.Orientation treatment: The annealed silicon steel wafers are oriented by hot rolling, cold rolling, or a combination of hot and cold rolling processes. Orientation treatment is used to adjust the grain orientation by controlling the rolling direction and strain so that the grains are aligned in a specific direction to improve the magnetic permeability and magnetic properties of the oriented silicon steel.

5.Cutting and processing: The oriented silicon steel is cut and processed according to the design requirements to make silicon steel sheets, coils, strips and other products of the required shape and size.

technical parameter
Mechanical Property

The Composition of Oriented Silicon Steel:

Component Composition Range
Silicon (Si) 2% - 4.5%
Iron (Fe) Remaining balance
Carbon (C) 0.02% - 0.05%
Molybdenum (Mo) Small amounts
Other elements Trace amounts
Mechanical Property
Grade Yeild Strength(N/mm2) Ultra-TensionStrength(N/mm2) Ductility(%) Hardness(HV1
M35W230 430 560 20.0 225
M35W250 415 550 20.5 220
M35W270 400 515 20.5 215
M35W300 360 480 21.5 195
M35W360 350 480 23.5 190
M35W440 275 420 27.5 165
M35W550 265 415 33.5 160
M50W250 430 560 19.0 230
M50W270 410 550 21.5 225
M50W290 395 545 22.5 220
M50W310 385 510 24.5 210
M50W350 350 475 26.5 190
M50W400 320 460 36.0 170
M50W470 295 425 35.0 160
M50W600 280 410 37.0 140
M50W800 285 405 38.5 135
M50W1300(D) 250 360 40.0 115


Insulating Coating:


Insulating Coating

Coating types




Chromium containing , semi organic coating

Chromium free, semi organic coating

Coating thickness(μm)



Interlayer resistance
(Ω•mm2 /slice)



Adhesive property

Class A or class B

Class A or class B

Punching property



Antirust property



Heat resisting property

Resistant annealing at 750 C, N2 protection, for 2h

Annealing resistance in general

Advantages of oriented silicon steel:

High magnetic permeability: oriented silicon steel has high magnetic permeability, which can effectively conduct the magnetic field and improve the efficiency of energy transmission.

Low hysteresis loss: oriented silicon steel has low hysteresis characteristics, which can reduce the energy loss during magnetic field alternation and improve the energy efficiency performance of the equipment.

High saturation magnetic induction strength: oriented silicon steel has a high saturation magnetic induction strength, which can withstand higher magnetic field strength and enable the equipment to work under higher magnetic field conditions.

Excellent magnetization characteristics: oriented silicon steel shows excellent performance in the magnetization process, with fast and stable magnetization and demagnetization response, which helps to improve the dynamic response of the equipment.

Thermal stability: oriented silicon steel has good thermal stability and can maintain stable magnetic properties in high temperature environment, which is suitable for equipment under high temperature working conditions.

Corrosion resistance: Oriented silicon steel is usually treated with surface treatment and galvanized and other anti-corrosion measures, which can effectively resist humidity, oxidation and chemical corrosion, extending the service life of the equipment.

Low noise: Due to the low hysteresis and low eddy current loss of oriented silicon steel, it can reduce the noise and vibration generated by the equipment during operation, providing a quieter working environment.


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