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oriented electrical steel
cold rolled electrical steel
grain oriented electrical steel
cold rolled oriented electrical steel
oriented electrical steel
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Electrical Steel

Electrical steel is a soft magnetic material with enhanced electrical properties that is widely used across applications such as small relays, solenoids, electric motors, generators, and many other electromagnetic devices. Electrical steel is also referred to as silicon steel, transformer steel, or lamination steel. It is used mainly in electrical power distribution systems and in automotive industries .
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Silicon Steel
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Electrical steel is a ferromagnetic material made up of iron that contains varying amounts of silicon (Si) that range from 1% to 6.5%. The development of electrical steels was brought on by electrical devices requiring steels that can decrease the dissipation of heat, an issue that results in energy wastage. Iron was found to be the most economically sound option but its impurities are not optimal. It was found that the addition of silicon increases resistivity, improves permeability, and decreases hysteresis loss. The most widely used commercially available electrical steel contains about 3.25% Si as higher silicon content tends to make the resulting material too brittle for cold rolling. Electrical steel with 6.5% Si has the most improved magnetic and electrical properties, but additional thermomechanical processes are required in order to overcome its brittleness and limited ductility.

Types of electrical steel

Non-oriented fully processed electrical steel

Non-oriented, fully processed electrical steel has varying silicon levels that range from 0.5% to 3.25% Si. It has uniform magnetic properties in all directions. This type of electrical steel does not require recrystallisation processes to develop its properties. The low silicon alloy grades provide better magnetic permeability and thermal conductivity. For high alloy grades, better performance is expected in high frequencies, with very low losses. This type is excellent for magnetic circuits in motors, transformers, and electrical system housing. This fully processed type provides difficulty in punchability due to a completed annealing process. Organic coatings are added to improve lubrication in the punching process.

Non-oriented semi-processed electrical steel 

Non-oriented semi-processed electrical steels are largely non-silicon alloyed steel and are annealed at low temperatures after the final cold rolling. The end-user, however, has to provide the final stress-relief anneal according to the steel’s intended application. The punchability of this electrical steel type is better than the non-oriented fully processed type, so organic coatings are not required. Non-oriented semi-processed grades are good core materials for small rotors, stators, and small power transformers.

Grain-oriented electrical steel 

Grain-oriented electrical steels are composed of iron with 3% Si content with grains oriented to deliver high permeability and low energy loss. Grain-oriented grades have strong crystallographic properties. This type undergoes a recrystallisation process resulting in an enhanced grain structure that exhibits better magnetic properties in the rolling direction of the sheet. Grain-oriented steels are mostly used for non-rotating applications, such as transformers.

technical parameter
Cold Rolled Electrical Steel
Type Grade Width Max Core Loss @ P17/50 Lamination Factor(%) Induction @ B8
Common Type 23Q110 900-1200mm 1.10w/kg 97 1.85T
27Q120 1.20w/kg 97 1.85T
30Q120 1.20w/kg 98 1.84T
High Induction
23QG085 900-1200mm 0.85w/kg 97 1.90T
23QG090 0.90w/kg 97 1.90T
23QG095 0.95w/kg 97 1.89T
23QG100 1.00w/kg 97 1.89T
27QG095 0.95w/kg 97 1.90T
27QG100 1.00w/kg 97 1.90T
30QG100 1.00w/kg 98 1.90T
30QG105 1.05w/kg 98 1.89T
Domain Refined High Induction Type(Laser) 23R080 900-1200mm 0.80w/kg 97 1.89T
23R085 0.85w/kg 97 1.89T
27R090 0.90w/kg 97 1.89T
27R095 0.95w/kg 97 1.89T
Grain oriented electrical steelCold rolled oriented electrical steelCold rolled grain oriented electrical steel
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