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Hot Sale Silicon Steel
Silicon Steel
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Silicon Electrical Steel
Hot Sale Silicon Steel
Silicon Steel
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Silicon Electrical Steel
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Hot Sale Silicon Steel

With low hysteresis loss, high saturation magnetic induction strength, excellent permeability and thermal stability, silicon steel is suitable for the requirements of improving energy efficiency performance and reducing energy loss in power equipment.
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Hot Sale Silicon Steel
Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, lamination steel, or transformer steel, is a ferritic alloy of iron and silicon that have magnetic properties, which make it useful in motors and transformers.This type of steel material contains 0.5%-4.5% silicon in weight with low carbon of less than 0.08%.The addition of silicon (Si) improves the magnetic softness and increases the electrical resistivity of steel. 

The production process of silicon steel:

1.Raw material preparation: The main raw materials for silicon steel are cold-rolled silicon steel plate coils and cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel plate coils.

2.Pickling: The raw steel plate coils are first pickled to remove oxides and other impurities from the surface.

3.Coating: After pickling, the steel coil undergoes a coating process. The coating usually uses organic coatings such as phenolic or epoxy resins. The purpose of the coating is to reduce iron loss and eddy current loss and to improve the magnetic permeability of the silicon steel.

4.Annealing: The silicon steel sheets are annealed to improve their magnetic properties and mechanical properties. The annealing temperature and time are controlled according to the specific silicon steel grade and requirements.

5.Straightening: After annealing, the silicon steel sheet is straightened by a straightening machine to remove residual stresses and improve straightness. Straightening is usually done using equipment such as roll straighteners or tension straighteners.

6.Electrostatic oiling: After straightening, the silicon steel sheet is electrostatically oiled to form a protective film against oxidation and corrosion.

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Product Introduction

Two Kinds of Silicon Steels:

CRNGO: cold-rolled-non-grain-oriented steel. This silicon steel is made without any special pressing to control crystal orientation (this is the overall texture of the material). With this mish-mash of un-oriented grain, it results in an isotropic material (where magnetic properties are omnidirectional).

This is the less expensive option and is used when cost takes priority over efficiency, where the magnetic flux does not have to be constant. CRNGO is found in generators with moving parts and electric motors.

CRGO: cold-rolled-grain-oriented steel. This silicon steel is processed so that the magnetic flux is constant and directional. It possesses a tight crystal orientation achieved during the rolling process. CRGO is supplied in coil form and is then rolled out into“cold-rolled”strips of less than 2mm.

In both cases of non-grain oriented and grain-oriented laminated sheets, the coil is rolled out and then cut to shape. This is the reason for its need for workability.

Non-oriented silicon steel:

Grade Nominal thickness(mm) Density(kg/dm3) Maximum iron loss P15/50 (W/kg) Min. magnetic susceptibility B50 (T) Minimum lamination factor(%)
B35A210 0.35 7.60 2.10 1.62 95.0
B35A230 7.60 2.30 1.62 95.0
B35A250 7.60 2.50 1.62 95.0
B35A270 7.65 2.70 1.62 95.0
B35A300 7.65 3.00 1.62 95.0
B35A360 7.65 3.60 1.63 95.0
B35A440 7.70 4.40 1.64 95.0
B35A550 7.75 5.50 1.64 95.0
B50A230 0.50 7.60 2.30 1.62 96.0
B50A250 7.60 2.50 1.62 96.0
B50A270 7.60 2.70 1.62 96.0
B50A290 7.60 2.90 1.62 96.0
B50A310 7.65 3.10 1.62 96.0
B50A350 7.65 3.50 1.62 96.0
B50A400 7.65 4.00 1.63 96.0
B50A470 7.70 4.70 1.64 96.0
B50A600 7.75 6.00 1.66 96.0
B50A700 7.80 7.00 1.70 96.0
B50A800 7.80 8.00 1.70 96.0
B50A1000 0.65 7.85 10.00 1.70 96.0
B50A1300 7.85 13.00 1.70 96.0
B65A470 7.65 3.70 1.70 97.0
B65A600 7.75 4.70 1.70 97.0
B65A700 7.75 4.90 1.70 97.0
B65A800 7.80 8.00 1.70 97.0
B65A1000 7.80 10.00 1.70 97.0
B65A1300 7.85 13.00 1.70 97.0

Oriented silicon steel:

Type Grade Nominal thickness (mm) Theoretical density(kg/dm3) Maximum iron loss P17/50(W/kg) Min. magnetic susceptibility B8 (T)
Ordinary type B23G110 0.23 7.65 1.10 1.80
B23G120 1.20 1.80
B27G120 0.27 7.65 1.20 1.80
B27G130 1.30 1.80
B30G120 0.30 7.65 1.20 1.80
B30G130 1.30 1.80
B30G140 1.40 1.80
B35G135 0.35 7.65 1.35 1.80
B35G145 1.45 1.80
B35G155 1.55 1.80
High magnetic susceptibility type B23P090 0.23 7.65 0.90 1.87
B23P095 0.95 1.87
B23P100 1.00 1.87
B27P095 0.27 7.65 0.95 1.88
B27P100 1.00 1.88
B27P110 1.10 1.88
B30P100 0.30 7.65 1.00 1.88
B30P105 1.05 1.88
B30P110 1.10 1.88
B30P120 1.20 1.88
B35P115 0.35 7.65 1.15 1.88
B35P125 1.25 1.88
B35P135 1.35 1.88
Magnetic domain refinement B23R080 0.23 7.65 0.80 1.87
B23R085 0.85 1.87
B23R090 0.90 1.87
B27R090 0.27 7.65 0.90 1.87

Note: The silicon steel grades listed in the table above are only some of the products, we provide various grades of silicon steel products, if you need, please feel free to contact us!


Characteristics of silicon steel:

1.Thanks to the high permeability, low coercivity, and high resistivity of silicon steel, the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are small.

2.Silicon steel requires high plasticity, smooth and flat surface, and low harmful inclusion in order to satisfy the process of punching and shearing, improve magnetic induction, and reduce hysteresis loss.

3.At present, the production process of hot-rolled silicon steel has been eliminated in China and replaced with cold-rolled silicon steel. The iron loss performance of the silicon steel that GNEE supply far exceeds the iron loss requirements of the international standards.

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