Silicon steel application

04 Dec 2023
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GNEE Steel Silicon Steel Coil
Silicon Steel Application
(1) Cold-rolled non grain oriented silicon steel

① Large electromechanical: water industry, fire industry, nuclear power units or wind turbine units...
② Home appliance:High efficiency frequency conversion air conditioning or refrigerator compressor...
③ Small and medium-sized electromechanical: Y1, Y2, Y3 series and derivative series products. High efficiency, super efficiency series...
④ New energy vehicles: drive motor; New energy vehicle micromotor...

(2) Cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel

① Transformer: High-end transformer [for 750kV/ 1000kV]
② Medium and low end transformer [for 220-500kV、110-200kV]
③ Energy-saving transformer: 0.18-0.30mm thickness

 Applications of silicon steel
Silicon steel types Applications Commonly used silicon steel grade
non grain oriented silicon steel Large electromechanical water industry, fire industry, nuclear power units
[recommended grade:30-50W290 or above]
wind turbine units
[recommended grade:30-50W360 or above]
Home appliance High efficiency frequency conversion air conditioning or refrigerator compressor
[recommended grade: 30-50W360 or above]
Small and medium-sized electromechanical Y1, Y2, Y3 series and derivative series products
[recommended grade: low grade]
High efficiency, super efficiency series
[recommended grade: 30-35W470 or above]
New energy vehicles drive motor
New energy vehicle micromotor
[recommended grade: 20-35W360 or above]
grain oriented silicon steel Transformer ①High-end transformer [for 750kV/ 1000kV]
②Medium and low end transformer 
[for 220-500kV、110-200kV]
③Energy-saving transformer:
0.18-0.30mm thickness
oriented silicon steel
In order to select the best product for your application, it will be appreciated if we could have the information of steel grade, core loss, voltage of the motors/transformers, and types of the products. Your detail information will be a great help for us.

If you need any further detail information, feel free to contact us. 

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