Unpacking of electrical steel coil

04 Dec 2023
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GNEE Steel Electrical Steel Coil
Confirming Before Processing

Before processing, warehouse would confirm steel grades and dimensions according to orders in order to ensure correct production.

Based on the width, length, coating type or other specifications of the orders, warehouse would calculate and select the most suitable electrical steel coils ( Cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel or Cold rolled non grain oriented silicon steel) before slitting or shearing -- meeting demands and reducing unnecessary losses at the same time.  

Quality Assurance

During unpacking, staff will confirm on the quality in case of deformation, scratching or mold.
Clean & Even Steel Surface

M4 coating is default coating type. It's one of the most favorable options due to its beauty, environmentally friendly material and excellent performance.

Our silicon steel products come from Chinese leading steel mills, including Shou Steel and Bao Steel, who have got the most advanced production technique and attach great importance on the coating.

Thanks to uniform and all-around coating, rust or bubble could be avoided. Stable iron loss and magnetic induction could be guaranteed. That's how coating plays an essential part in silicon steel performance and constantly influences the following product manufacturing, such as electrical steel sheet or ei lamination core...

Besides M4,  M1/ M5/ M6 are available. Feel free to share with us about your requirements and we will see to it accordingly.
oriented electrical steel coilnon oriented electrical steel coil

Efficient Processing Based On Needs

Generally speaking, equipped with our skillful experienced coworkers and advanced machines, production time could take 2-3 days or maybe even within one day for ready stock. But production lead-time could vary based on orders requirements. 
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