What are the main uses of high magnetic induction and low loss oriented electrical steel?

12 Dec 2023
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First, we need to understand what oriented electrical steel is. Oriented electrical steel is formed by arranging the grains of ordinary electrical steel in specific directions through a special orientation process during the production process. This arrangement makes the oriented electrical steel have better magnetic permeability in the magnetic field, thereby increasing the magnetic induction intensity. At the same time, oriented electrical steel also has lower eddy current losses, allowing power equipment to convert electrical energy more efficiently during operation.

So, what are the main uses of grain-oriented electrical steel? First, let's look at its application in power transmission and distribution transformers. Transformer is an essential device in the power system. It can convert high-voltage electrical energy into low-voltage electrical energy to meet the power needs of different places. As the core material of transformers, oriented electrical steel can effectively reduce energy loss and improve the efficiency of transformers. This means energy is used more efficiently, while also reducing energy consumption and costs.

In addition, oriented electrical steel is also widely used in the manufacture of inductors. An inductor is a component that can store energy and has inductive properties. It is commonly used in circuits for functions such as filtering, delay, and oscillation. The high magnetic permeability of oriented electrical steel allows the inductor to better store and release energy, improving its performance and response speed. This is crucial for the stable operation of many electronic devices.
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In addition, motors and generators are also important application areas of oriented electrical steel. An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, while a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The low-loss characteristics of oriented electrical steel enable motors and generators to improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce energy waste. This is crucial for industrial production and energy utilization, and also helps protect the environment and save resources.

In short, high magnetic induction and low loss oriented electrical steel has important application value in power equipment. Its unique properties significantly improve the performance of equipment such as power transmission and distribution transformers, inductors, motors and generators. By using grain-oriented electrical steel, we can use energy more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and costs, and contribute to sustainable development.
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