Non-oriented electrical steel, learn about the advantages of non-oriented electrical steel

13 Dec 2023
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GNEE Steel Cold Rolled Non-oriented Silicon Steel 
1. Manufacturing process of non-oriented electrical steel
Electrical steel is produced through the cold rolling process. During the production process, electromagnetic induction technology is required to control the rolling temperature and pressure to keep the crystallization direction in the steel in a random state, thereby achieving inconspicuous orientation.

2. Performance characteristics of non-oriented electrical steel
Electrical steel has excellent magnetic permeability and magnetic properties, which can effectively reduce energy losses in transformers and motors and improve work efficiency.

3. Application of non-oriented electrical steel in electrical equipment
Electrical steel is widely used in electrical equipment such as transformers and motors to improve the energy efficiency of equipment and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it also has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
4. Market prospects of non-oriented electrical steel
As the pressure on energy and environment increases, there is a need to improve the energy efficiency of power equipment and reduce energy consumption. As an ideal electrical material, non-oriented electrical steel will have increasing market demand.

5. Development trend of non-oriented electrical steel
The research and production technology of non-oriented electrical steel will continue to improve, and the development of new materials will become the future development direction to meet the needs of higher quality and higher efficiency electrical equipment.

Electrical steel is an electrical material with wide application prospects and development space. We should strengthen research and development to make positive contributions to the upgrading of power equipment.

Electrical steel refers to electrical steel plates that have no oriented grains after cold rolling. It has the advantages of high magnetic permeability, small hysteresis, and superior magnetic permeability and frequency characteristics. It is widely used in the power industry, electrical appliance industry and energy saving fields.

As a high-quality steel, non-oriented electrical steel not only occupies a high share in the domestic market, but its export volume and international popularity also remain high. Compared with traditional electrical steel, non-oriented electrical steel is more suitable for applications with high magnetic permeability, which can effectively reduce current, loss and energy consumption.

I still remember when we were researching and designing transformers, we needed to consider factors such as permeability and hysteresis. However, the application of electrical steel allows us to no longer worry about these problems, and we can focus more on designing and optimizing electrical systems. Moreover, the use of non-oriented electrical steel greatly improves the stability, reliability and performance of the system. This made me deeply feel that the development of modern technology can not only bring convenience to our lives, but also make our work easier and more efficient.
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