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13 Dec 2023
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Manufacturing process
Non-oriented electrical steel is made through multiple processes such as hot rolling, pickling, passivation, and cold drawing. Among them, controlling the temperature of the steel plate and strengthening cooling are key, which can improve the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of the steel plate.

Advantages and features
Non-oriented electrical steel not only has the advantages of high magnetic permeability and low loss, but also has good ductility, weldability and anti-corrosion properties. In addition, non-oriented electrical steel also has properties such as resistance to radiation and thermal aging, and is widely used in solar cells and other fields.

Application areas
Non-oriented electrical steel is widely used in motors, transformers, generators, AC motors, electrical equipment and other fields. Moreover, with the development of new energy vehicles, a large amount of non-oriented electrical steel is also used in the drive motors and transmissions of electric vehicles, becoming an important material.

Market expectation
The demand for non-oriented electrical steel is constantly increasing, and the market prospects are broad. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the new energy field and industrial upgrading, the application of non-oriented electrical steel will also be further improved and expanded.

International comparison
Non-oriented electrical steel is currently the highest quality electrical steel in the world. Compared with developed countries such as Japan and South Korea, my country's non-oriented electrical steel industry still lags behind. However, with the continuous advancement of domestic technology and the increase in production capacity, its Its international status will also gradually improve.

Development Opportunities
Against the background of the continuous development of my country's new energy vehicles and electric power industry, the non-oriented electrical steel industry will usher in new development opportunities. Only by accelerating technology research and development and industrial upgrading, and continuously improving quality and scale, can we better respond to market demand and seize development opportunities.
Non oriented silicon steel
Non-oriented electrical steel is a high-quality electrical steel with broad application prospects and development opportunities. In the future, we should strengthen technological innovation and industrial upgrading and strive to achieve its industrialization and high-quality development.
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