About the difference between cold-rolled and hot-rolled silicon steel sheets

27 Dec 2022
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Regarding the difference between cold rolling and hot rolling of silicon steel sheets, there are the following:

(1) The magnetic saturation point of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is high, and the magnetic flux density begins to saturate at 1.9T (19000Gs); The saturation point of hot-rolled silicon steel sheet is about 1.6T (16000Gs).

(2) Under the condition of the same magnetic flux density and frequency, the unit loss of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is lower than that of hot-rolled silicon steel sheet.

(3) There are two kinds of orientations and orientations of cold-rolled silicon steel sheets. Oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet has obvious directionality, that is, the magnetic properties along the rolling direction are good, the saturation flux density is high, and the unit loss and unit excitation capacity are small. Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets are now used on transformers. Hot-rolled silicon steel sheets are not oriented.

(4) When the silicon steel sheet is processed by shearing or stamping, the impact on the performance of the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is particularly obvious, and the impact on the hot-rolled silicon steel sheet is small, so when the small-capacity transformer uses cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, annealing measures can be taken, and the no-load loss can generally be reduced by about 8% after annealing. 

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