Non-oriented electrical steel

20 Apr 2023
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With the development of high-speed and miniaturization of motors, the performance requirements of non-oriented silicon steel have raised higher requirements, such as low iron loss and high magnetic susceptibility strength at high frequencies. Non-oriented electrical steel is a silicon and iron soft magnetic alloy with very low carbon content, which is an indispensable and important material in the electric power, electronic and military industries.

A Series
Nominal thickness(mm) Baosteel NSC JFE TKS Posco NI & SCo AK
0.35 B35A210 35H210 35JN210 M210-35A 35PN210    
  B35A230 35H230 35JN230 M235-35A 35PN230    
  B35A250 35H270 35JN250 M250-35A 35PN250 2413 M-15
  B35A270 35H270 35JN270 M270-35A 35PN270 2412 M-19
  B35A300 35H300 35JN300 M300-35A 35PN300 2411 M-22/M-27
  B35A360 35H360 35JN360   35PN360    
  B35A440 35H440 35JN440   35PN455    
  B35A550       35PN560    
0.50 B50A230 50H230 50JN230 M230-50A 50PN230    
  B50A250 50H250 50JN250 M250-50A 50PN250    
  B50A270 50H270 50JN270 M270-50A 50PN270 2414  
  B50A290 50H290 50JN290 M290-50A 50PN290 2413 M-15
  B50A310 50H310 50JN310 M310-50A 50PN310 2412 M-19
  B50A350 50H350 50JN350 M350-50A 50PN350   M-22
  B50A400     M400-65A 50PN400   M-27/M-36
  B50A470 50H470 50JN470 M470-50A 50PN445 2214  
  B50A600 50H600 50JN600 M600-50A 50PN595 2212  
  B50A700 50H700 50JN700 M700-50A 50PN760   M-47
  B50A800 50H800 50JN800 M800-50A 50PN890 2011  
  B50A1000 50H1000 50JN1000 M940-50A 50PN1015    
  B50A1300 50H1300 50JN1300 M1100-50A 50PN1270    
0.65 B65A470     M470-65A 65PN470   M-43
  B65A600     M600-65A 65PN595   M-45
  B65A700     M700-65A 65PN760    
  B65A800   65JN800 M800-65A 65PN890   M-47
  B65A1000   65JN1000 M1000-65A 65PN1015    
  B65A1300   65JN1300 M1300-65A 65PN1270    

AH Series
Nominal thickness(mm) Baosteel JFE
0.35 B35AH230 35JNE230
  B35AH250 35JNE250
  B35AH300 35JNE300
0.50 B50AH300 50JNE300
  B50AH350 50JNE350
  B50AH470 50JNE470

AR Series
Nominal thickness(mm) Baosteel JFE
0.35 B35AR300  
0.50 B50AR300 50JNA300
  B50AR350 50JNA350
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