Does Galvanised Steel Rust?

22 Feb 2024
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Galvanized steel is galvanized steel covered with a zinc layer that prevents contact between oxygen and water, thereby preventing the steel from rusting. Therefore, under normal circumstances, galvanized steel will not rust. However, if the zinc layer is damaged or destroyed, the steel surface will be exposed to the action of external air and moisture, and rust will occur. Therefore, taking into account the rust problem of galvanized products, it is recommended that you choose high-quality manufacturers when buying galvanized products.

Will Galvanised Steel Rust?

1. Galvanized steel will rust, according to the different environments of galvanized steel sheet, the reaction is not the same, if the galvanized steel sheet is placed outdoors for a long time, galvanized steel sheet will rust, if the galvanized sheet is placed indoors, and kept dry, do not let the galvanized steel sheet with water stains and corrosion liquid, then the galvanized sheet rust time will also be extended.
2. Galvanized steel corrosion and rust is a normal phenomenon, because the galvanized steel plate contains other impurities, such as iron, zinc, and other metals, this is easy to produces a corrosion effect, resulting in galvanized sheet rust.
3. Although the galvanized steel plate has a certain corrosion resistance and rust resistance, the ability of the galvanized steel plate is limited, if it is placed in a harsh environment for a long time, all the steel plates will rust.
4. Galvanized steel is also divided into cold galvanized steel and hot-dip galvanized steel, usually cold plated galvanized steel plate is easier to rust, and hot-dip galvanized steel is not easy to rust.

Why Will Galvanized Steel Rust?

1. The uneven thickness of the galvanized steel sheet is likely to rust, and then drive the thick place so that the entire galvanized steel will rust.

2. Under normal circumstances, the galvanized steel at home is not suitable for being placed in a humid environment, if the galvanized steel plate is placed in a humid environment for a long time, it will also make the galvanized steel plate rust quickly.

How Does Galvanising Prevent Rusting?

1. Prevent damage to the zinc layer

To prevent damage to the zinc layer, we should avoid scraping the surface of galvanized steel as much as possible, especially during loading unloading, and transportation. In addition, the galvanized steel should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that its surface is dry, clean, and free from corrosion and accumulation of pollutants.

2. Control environmental factors

In the process of using galvanized steel, we also need to pay attention to controlling environmental factors. Especially in humid, acidic, alkaline, and high-temperature environments, measures need to be taken to protect. For example, in a humid environment, ventilation can be increased to reduce air humidity; In acidic and alkaline environments, different grades of galvanized steel can be selected, and more corrosion-resistant materials can be selected.

3. Take proper maintenance measures

To extend the service life of galvanized steel, we should also take reasonable maintenance measures. Such as regular inspection of the surface of galvanized steel, and timely treatment of zinc layer damage to prevent rust; At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly clean and paint galvanized steel and other maintenance work to ensure the smoothness and integrity of its surface.

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