High-end Silicon Steel Has Great Potential For Application in The Energy Field

23 Feb 2024
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According to the China Radio and Television Group economic voice "World Finance" reported that silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, is a steel product that adds silicon elements. The manufacture of transformers, motors and generators is inseparable from silicon steel. Experts pointed out that the application potential of high-end silicon steel in the energy field is huge, only used to upgrade the stock transformer, a year can save the power generation close to the Three Gorges power station.

Silicon steel is divided into oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel. Oriented silicon steel is mainly used in the manufacture of transformers, relays, rectifiers, etc. It is also divided into general oriented silicon steel and high magnetic induction-oriented silicon steel, both of which can be used as the core of the transformer, but high magnetic induction-oriented silicon steel can reduce the loss of electric energy, belonging to the high-end products. At present, there are many low-efficiency transformers using general-oriented silicon steel in China's stock. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly formulated the "Power Transformer Renovation and Recycling Implementation Guide (2023 version)", which put forward the goal of improving transformer energy efficiency. Fan Tiejun, president of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, said that the transformer renovation is expected to support the demand for high-end oriented silicon steel.

Fan Tiejun said: "We are now the national transformer self-consumption is roughly equivalent to the Three Gorges power station power generation twice to 2.5 times. If we use high-magnetic oriented silicon steel to upgrade our current transformers, we can probably save more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is actually close to the annual power generation of our Three Gorges power Station." Uhv is another major application area of high-end oriented silicon steel. Uhv transformers are huge in volume, and some main transformers are even close to the size of a two-story building, which is also very important to save energy and reduce noise.
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Dr. Sun Jiantao of the China Electric Power Research Institute said that the use of high-end oriented silicon steel can significantly reduce the volume, energy consumption and noise of UHV transformers. "Compared with ordinary silicon steel sheets, the magnetic induction of high-grade silicon steel sheets may be increased by more than 8%, which can reduce the loss of the core and reduce the volume of the transformer." Compared with ordinary transformer silicon steel, its noise can be reduced by 5 decibels. It has a very large capacity, equivalent to three to four times the capacity of a 500-kilovolt single-phase transformer." Data show that the national grid investment is expected to increase to 520 billion yuan this year, of which UHV investment is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. Fan Tiejun said that the acceleration of the construction of UHV projects and the acceleration of the pace of energy transformation will drive the growth of high-end oriented silicon steel demand. "For example, after the construction of a large-scale wind power photovoltaic base, in fact, the absorption of new energy needs to have a high magnetic induction orientation silicon steel to reduce the loss of electricity in the intermediate transmission process." So in recent years, the demand for new energy oriented silicon steel is increasing."

Non-oriented silicon steel is mainly used in the production of motors and generators, such as drive motors for electric vehicles. Since last year, the sales of new energy vehicles have exploded, and the domestic high-end non-oriented silicon steel has become more and more popular. Zhao Songshan, assistant general manager of Shougang Zhixin Qian 'an Electromagnetic Materials Co., LTD., said: "In the next few years, the market size of high-end oriented silicon steel and high-end non-oriented silicon steel has doubled, and it is predicted that from 2023 to 2030, the domestic demand for new oriented silicon steel is about 2.5 million tons to 3 million tons." Based on power growth, including some industrial policies, our forecast for high-grade unoriented silicon steel is 4.7 million tonnes by 2025, an increase of 2.7 million tonnes from 2020."
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