Dry-type transformer manufacturers introduce the impact of materials on performance

05 Mar 2024
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Dry-type transformers are important equipment used to change the voltage of alternating current. They are mainly composed of iron cores, windings and insulating materials. The manufacturing materials and processes of dry-type transformers have an important impact on the performance of power transformers.

The iron core is an important part of the dry-type transformer. It determines the magnetic circuit performance of the transformer. Commonly used iron core materials include silicon steel sheets and alnico alloys. Silicon steel sheets are common iron core materials with low magnetic permeability and High resistivity reduces the magnetization loss and eddy current loss of the transformer, improving the efficiency of the transformer. In addition, silicon steel sheets have good magnetic permeability and low hysteresis loss, which can reduce the hysteresis effect of the iron core and enhance the stability and uniformity of the magnetic field. However, silicon steel sheets have high cost and processing difficulty, and are prone to mechanical stress and vibration. Therefore, engineers have also begun to use new materials such as Alnico alloy to replace silicon steel sheets in order to improve the performance of the transformer.
indoor dry type transformer
Secondly, the winding is another important component of the dry-type transformer, which determines the voltage change and transmission process. Commonly used winding materials include pure copper wire and aluminum wire. Pure copper wire has outstanding conductive properties and low resistivity. It can reduce the resistance loss of the coil and improve the efficiency of the transformer. Aluminum wire has lower material cost and weight, but has poor conductivity, easily generates coke and heat, and reduces the efficiency of the transformer. Therefore, in practical applications, engineers We need to select the appropriate winding material based on specific needs and economic factors.

In addition, insulating material is an important protection and insulation layer of the transformer, which determines the voltage resistance and insulation performance of the transformer. Commonly used insulating materials include insulating paper, insulating paint, insulating plywood, etc. Insulating paper has good electrical insulation properties and resistance to Thermal properties can prevent the winding from electric shock and short circuit. Insulating paint is a polymer material that can be used to coat and wrap the winding to improve its electrical insulation performance and weather resistance. Insulating plywood is composed of cellulose fiber and resin. , has good electrical insulation properties and mechanical strength, and can be used to fix and protect windings.
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