The key role of non-oriented electrical steel in new energy vehicles

06 Mar 2024
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The key role of non-oriented electrical steel in new energy vehicles cannot be ignored. Grain-oriented electrical steel is a special electrical steel material with high conductivity and low energy loss, making it play an important role in motors and transformers of new energy vehicles. In this article, we will explore in detail the key role of non-oriented electrical steel in new energy vehicles and reveal the secrets behind it.

Non-oriented electrical steel is a kind of electrical steel prepared through a special cold rolling process. Compared with ordinary electrical steel, non-oriented electrical steel has more uniform magnetic properties and can effectively reduce energy loss and hysteresis loss. This makes non-oriented electrical steel the material of choice in new energy vehicle electric motors.

In electric motors for new energy vehicles, non-oriented electrical steel is used to manufacture the core parts of the rotor and stator. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor, while the stator is the stationary part. By using non-oriented electrical steel to manufacture the cores of the rotor and stator, energy loss can be effectively reduced and the efficiency of the motor can be improved. This means that new energy vehicles can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy more efficiently, thereby improving the performance and cruising range of the vehicle.

In addition, non-oriented electrical steel is also widely used in transformers in new energy vehicles. Transformers are key equipment between electric vehicle charging piles and the grid. They are used to convert alternating current provided by the grid into direct current suitable for charging electric vehicles. As the core material of transformers, non-oriented electrical steel can effectively reduce the loss of electrical energy and heat generation, improve the efficiency of energy conversion, thereby reducing charging time and improving charging efficiency.

To sum up, non-oriented electrical steel plays an important role in new energy vehicles. Its high conductivity and low energy loss make it ideal for new energy vehicle motors and transformers. Motors and transformers made of non-oriented electrical steel can improve the performance and cruising range of new energy vehicles and promote the development of the electric vehicle industry.
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