Signs to know When a dry-type transformer damages

15 Mar 2024
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Electrical transformer plays an important role in the power grid. If any damage happens to the transformer, it will affect electrical equipment and danger for people. Let's go through the below article to know about signs of dry-type transformer damage. 

1. Dry-type transformer is unusually noisy

Don't ignore a funny noise coming from your transformer. If it is louder than usual, call a specialist to evaluate the condition of the sound. Other noise changes in tone or pitch can also be an alarm signal. Listen to your transformer - literally - as it will probably let you know when a failure is imminent.

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2. Vibration Changes

Transformers will generally vibrate naturally, but if they get extremely bad, it could be a sign that its components are starting to wear out. Your dry-type transformer has anti-vibration rubber pads located under the body at the front and rear. These will wear down over time and will no longer provide cushioning or shock absorption. In addition to being an indication that your transformer is aging, additional vibration can also cause damage to other components of the transformer.

3. Insulation Color Changes

The color of transformer insulation can provide information about the general condition of the transformer. Heat is one of the most common things that damage transformers. When a transformer is hot for a significant time, it affects the color of the insulation, causing it to become much darker than when it was first used. You can judge the insulation color of a transformer by looking at the outside of the windings near the top as well as the inside. Because the hot air rises, the top of the coils will look more discolored than the bottom. If the contrast between the bottom and top of the windings is significant, it's an indication that your transformer has been handling the excess heat for a good amount of time.

4. Signs of a Surge

A spike can cause obvious damage to your transformer, but it can also leave behind smaller damage that can lead to line failures. If the windings of your transformer have changed positions — like displacement or rotation on flexible blocks or press plates — then your equipment has spiked and needs to be evaluated by a transformer specialist.


If your transformer has any of these warning signs, don't wait. The transformer specialists at MBT can replace or repair your transformer, regardless of the original manufacturer. Give us a call and we can start a conversation about buying you a transformer that will last for years to come.

Some common signs you need to look out for to maintenance: 

  • Low heat insulation

  • Abnormal operating temperature

  • The protective devices automatically operate when the transformer is energized for the first time

  • Unwanted secondary voltage

  • Unsymmetrical voltage on the secondary side

  • Fake activation during operation

  • Blow high voltage fuse during operation

  • Abnormal amount of noise coming from the device

  • High earth voltage

  • Smoke

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