The Composition Of Compact Substation Transformer:

18 Mar 2024
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The main components of Compact substation transformer include: Transformer, Fuse,Load Switch,Circuit Breaker ect . The components of the transformer is high voltage winding, low voltage winding, core,, which are an important part of the transformer responsible for converting energy. Circuit breakers and load switches are low-voltage outlet protection devices.


Compact substation transformer plays a decisive role in the infrastructure construction of modern energy system, which is suitable for new residential areas, green belts, parks, stations, hotels, construction sites, airports and other places.

Advantages of Compact substation transformer?


1.The most significant feature is that it can be operated reliably, ensure personal safety, and there will be no failure in long-term use, and maintenance is simple and convenient.

2.For the operation of the grid, the box transformer also has great advantages, compared to other types of transformers are smaller, lighter weight, and can be converted between AC circuits and direct current circuits.

3.Can be used for ring network, can also be used for terminal,. High transmission efficiency, high strength, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, overload ability, excellent anti-sudden short circuit performance

Compact substation transformer

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