Which industries are silicon steel mainly used in?

11 Oct 2023
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Which industries are silicon steel mainly used in?
Silicon steel is a silicon iron alloy with a silicon content of about 3% to 5% and other mainly iron. Divided into oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel, it is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy for power, electronics and military industries. The use of hot-rolled silicon steel: hot-rolled electrical steel is mainly used for some small motors, micro-motors, such as some low-quality washing machines, range hood motors, and some high-specification low-efficiency motors can be used in hot-rolled 450. The use of cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel: The motor is basically non-oriented silicon steel. The gap motor (water pump) mainly uses cold rolled unoriented uncoated silicon steel electric welding machine motor is divided into DC motor, AC motor two kinds, DC motor can use uncoated cold rolled silicon steel, AC motor mainly uses coated 600 unoriented silicon steel. Air compressors, air pump motors can also use uncoated cold-rolled silicon steel. The micro motor used in small household appliances mainly uses non-oriented 470. The main motor used for CNC machine tools is 470. The motor for air conditioning compressor is mainly 600, 800, 1000, 1300, mainly depending on the requirements of air conditioning manufacturers, and the higher the quality of air conditioning in general. Refrigerator motor: high quality with 350, higher quality with 470, ordinary manufacturers mainly use high-grade 600(Baosteel, Sinosteel, Pohang).

The main requirements for the performance of silicon steel are:

1,) low iron loss, which is the most important indicator of the quality of silicon steel sheet. Countries are divided according to the iron loss value, the lower the iron loss, the higher the brand.

2,) the magnetic induction intensity (magnetic induction) under the strong magnetic field is high, which reduces the volume and weight of the motor and transformer core, saving silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulating materials.

3,) the surface is smooth, flat and uniform thickness, which can improve the filling coefficient of the iron core.

4, good punching, more important for the manufacture of micro, small motor
5,) the surface insulation film adhesion and weldability is good, can prevent corrosion and improve the punching property.

Which industries are silicon steel mainly used in?Which industries are silicon steel mainly used in?
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