Electrical steel

26 Oct 2023
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Electrical steel
Electrical steel, also known as silicon steel sheet, is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy for power, electronics and military industries, and is also the largest metal functional material, mainly used as the iron core of various motors, generators and transformers. Its production process is complex, manufacturing technology is strict, and foreign production technology is protected in the form of patents, which is regarded as the life of enterprises. The manufacturing technology and product quality of electrical steel plate is one of the important signs to measure the level of special steel production and scientific and technological development of a country. The quantity, quality and specification of cold-rolled electrical steel in China can not meet the needs of the development of energy (electric power) industry, and there is a big gap compared with Japan in terms of production technology, equipment, management and scientific research.

The world's total output of electrical steel is about 7 million tons. At present, especially in recent years with the rapid development of China's electric power and electrical industry, China's demand for silicon steel sheets has increased rapidly, the consumption in 2004 has accounted for almost half of the world's silicon steel sheet production, resulting in China's silicon steel production has entered a period of rapid development, but still can not meet domestic demand, in 2004 imports of silicon steel sheets 1.64 million tons.

Electrical steel has a history of hundreds of years, including Si<0.5% electrical steel and Si content of 0.5~6.5% silicon steel two categories, mainly used as a variety of motor, transformer and ballast core, is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy in the power, electronics and military industry. Electrical steel is the largest amount of magnetic materials, and it is also an important metal functional material for energy saving. The manufacturing process and equipment of electrical steel, especially oriented silicon steel are complex, the composition is strictly controlled, the manufacturing process is long, and there are many factors affecting the performance, so the quality of oriented silicon steel products is often regarded as an important sign to measure the level of special steel manufacturing technology in a country, and obtain the reputation of "art products" in special steel.
Electrical steelElectrical steel
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