The innovation of the world's electrical steel process

30 Oct 2023
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The innovation of the world's electrical steel process
More than 100 years of production history of electrical steel is also a history of continuous process innovation, from hot-rolled silicon steel sheet to cold-rolled electrical steel strip is the first major process change, after the adoption of cold rolling process, with the development of oriented electrical steel, the emergence of different inhibitors and the technical progress of pre-process smelting and casting, the process innovation of the previous process continues to appear. And the simplification and continuity of the post-process process.

The previous process is from smelting to hot rolling coil; The hot rolled coil is transported to the electrical steel mill through different processes until the finished product is cut. Most of these process changes are in the pre-process, from steelmaking and refining to the production of hot-rolled coils, which are characterized by thinning slabs and shortening processes. After the process, regardless of orientation and non-orientation steel, try to adopt a rolling process to achieve the finished product thickness, eliminating intermediate annealing, and then some varieties of non-orientation steel to adopt acid rolling continuous production (CDCM).

The semi-crafts in the traditional process are still popular in the West, non-oriented mass varieties, which are produced in the automobile plate production plant, is a low carbon steel, low cost, and its final annealing and surface bluing are completed in the core factory. The product was successfully developed by Wuhan Steel in the 1980s and once became a domestic and foreign product

The B09 version of the main material of joint venture refrigerator compressor and motor, but after the rapid development of cold-rolled full-process electrical steel (non-oriented steel), the cost is gradually reduced, and therefore, the semi-process is gradually withdrawn from the market. China has thousands of small and medium-sized motor manufacturers, due to the small scale of production, scattered and diverse core size, so it is impossible to organize intensive production. This is also an important reason for the promotion of semi-process products in China. In terms of the semi-process products themselves, the iron core made according to the process requirements is the most efficient use of the magnetic properties of the material itself, which is an energy-saving product.
The innovation of the world's electrical steel processThe innovation of the world's electrical steel process
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