Electrical Steel: a new and competitive material

18 Sep 2023
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While electrical steel itself is not "new" in the sense of being a recent invention, there have been ongoing efforts to improve its performance and competitiveness in various ways:

Reducing Core Losses: Continuous research and development have focused on reducing core losses, particularly at higher frequencies. Lower core losses translate to higher energy efficiency, which is crucial for many modern electrical and electronic devices.

Grain Orientation: Advancements in grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) processing have been made to enhance magnetic properties, especially for large power transformers used in energy distribution.

Coatings and Insulation: Innovative coatings and insulation materials have been developed to further minimize eddy current losses and improve overall efficiency in electrical steel laminations.

Customization: Manufacturers have increasingly offered customized electrical steel grades to meet specific performance requirements in different applications, allowing for greater flexibility and optimization.

Sustainability: There is growing interest in making electrical steel production more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, waste, and emissions during manufacturing processes.

Alloying Elements: Researchers have explored the effects of introducing alloying elements into electrical steel to enhance its magnetic properties or reduce losses.

International Standards: Efforts continue to establish and update international standards and specifications for electrical steel grades to ensure consistency in performance and quality.

Applications in Renewable Energy: With the rise of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, there has been an increased demand for electrical steel in applications such as generators and transformers for renewable energy systems.

Name Electrical Steel, Lamination Steel, Silicon Electrical Steel, Silicon Steel, Relay Steel, Transformer Steel
Category Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel; Non-oriented electrical steel
Thickness 0.27- 0.50 mm
Width 900-1230 mm
Certifications ISO 9001 BV SGS
Packing Industry standard packaging or according to client's requirement
Payment terms 30%T/T in advance, the balance against the B/L copy
Delivery time Fast delievery in 7 days,up to order quantity
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