Non-oriented silicon steel
cold rolled silicon steel
non oriented electrical steel
non oriented silicon steel
grain oriented electrical steel
cold rolled silicon steel
non oriented electrical steel
non oriented silicon steel
grain oriented electrical steel
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CRNO Non-oriented silicon steel

Non grain oriented steel (electrical steel, E-steel, lamination steel, silicon electrical steel, silicon steel) is a specially manufactured steel to produce specific magnetic properties. It ensures low power loss, core loss and high permeability.
Type :
Non-oriented Silicon Steel
Technique :
Cold Rolled
Product Details
application Details
grain oriented silicon steel
Silicon steel/electrical steel, usually refers to cold-rolled silicon steel/electrical steel, which can be divided into two categories: grain-oriented silicon steel/electrical iron and non-oriented silicon steel/silicon steel. Oriented silicon steel/electrical steel has been widely used in the musical instrument industry due to its easy magnetization direction parallel to the rolling direction and excellent magnetic properties such as low iron loss, high magnetic permeability and low magnetostriction. Through refinement, lower core losses can be obtained. Non-oriented silicon steel/electrical steel has the characteristics of random grain orientation distribution and magnetic isotropy, and is widely used in the motor industry.
Non-oriented silicon steel is a ferrosilicon alloy with very low carbon content. In the steel plate after deformation and annealing, the grains are distributed in random orientation.
technical parameter
Classification of electrical stee
  Category Silicon content, % Nominal thickness, mm  
Hot rolled silicon steel plate
(no orientation)
Hot-rolled low-silicon steel (hot-rolled electrical steel) 1.0~2.5 0.50  
Hot-rolled high-silicon steel (hot-rolled transformer steel) 3.0~4.5 0.35 and 0.50    
Cold rolled electrical steel sheet Non-oriented electrical steel
(cold-rolled electrical steel)
Low carbon electrical steel ≤0.5 0.50 and 0.65
Silicon steel >0.5~3.2 0.35 and 0.50    
Oriented silicon steel
(cold-rolled transformer steel)
Ordinary grain oriented silicon steel 2.9~3.3 0.20,0.23,0.27
0.30 and 0.35
  High magnetic induction oriented silicon steel 2.9~3.3    

Electrical Steel Features
1. Magnetic properties: The magnetic properties of this product are characterized by low iron loss, high magnetic permeability and good application performance.
2. Thickness tolerance: The thickness difference parallel to the rolling direction is very small, the thickness difference perpendicular to the rolling direction is also very small, and the lamination coefficient is high.
3. Processing performance: This product is suitable for stamping and cutting, with excellent dimensional tolerances
4. Insulating coating: The insulating coating has small color deviation, good adhesion, excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and high electrical conductivity. There are several types of insulating coatings available for production. After testing by a professional testing agency, the content of harmful substances complies with current international and Chinese environmental regulations such as EU ROHS and REACH.

oriented electrical steel

cold rolled silicon steelcold rolled electrical steel

Cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel

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Cold rolled oriented silicon steel

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