How do oil-immersed transformer work?

21 Mar 2024
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Oil-immersed Transformer, also known as oil-immersed transformer, is a type of transformer that uses oil as a cooling and insulating medium between the windings and the core. Oil-immersed transformers are commonly used in large power systems such as power station, substations and power transmission grids, as well as in applications requiring high power conversion. The following is the working principle of oil-immersed transformer:

Working principle of oil-immersed transformer:

1. Cooling and insulating medium: Oil-immersed transformers use insulating oil with better insulation properties, such as mineral oil or vegetable oil, to act as both cooling and insulating media. This oil has very good insulating properties, prevents electrical short circuits, and helps transfer the heat generated from the transformer to the outside environment.

2. Windings and core: The windings and core of oil-immersed transformers are soaked in oil to provide cooling and insulation. Oil can effectively transfer heat from the windings and core to the external environment, thereby maintaining the normal operating temperature of the transformer.

3.  Oil circulation and cooling: Oil-immersed transformers usually have a cooling system in which oil circulates to transfer heat to the cooling medium and dissipate heat through the radiator. This helps maintain the transformer's operating temperature and ensures its proper operation.

4. Electrical isolation: The oil of oil-immersed transformers is not only used as a cooling medium, but also as an electrical isolation medium. The windings and core are immersed in oil, which provides electrical isolation and prevents electrical shorts between the windings and between the windings and the core.

5. The working principle of oil-immersed transformer is similar to other transformer types. When the number of turns of the coil is changed, the magnetic field generated will induce an electromotive force in the output winding, thereby achieving voltage conversion.

6. Protection and monitoring: Oil-immersed transformers are usually equipped with various protection devices and monitoring systems to ensure their normal operation and prevent overload, short circuit and other faults.

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